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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 8, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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right now on "msnbc sunday," osama bin laden watching himself on tv. what the tapes reveal? new information this hour about how much was dpleened from the mission. jittery residents leave their homes as the mississippi river continues to surge. falling prices. why some analysts say gas prices could drop just in time for summer. i will be filming a cam yeo in "hangover 3," the third hangover. the fellows go to a bar and i'm there. i also recently purchased rosetta stone english. >> live from new york it's sarah palin sarah palin? well, it's tina fey returning to
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"saturday night live." 7:00 a.m. on the east coast and 10:00 a.m. on it left behind a trove of information the size of a college library according to the cia. this is what the president's national security adviser tom donilin said on ""meet the press."" >> it's the scale of what we've got here. this is the largest cache of intelligence derived from the scene of any single terrorist. it indicates to us that in addition to being the symbol oic leader of al qaeda, that osama bin laden was involved operationally in the strategic operation including the propaganda efforts. >> joining me now is mike viqueira. we're learning the significance of this raid. it's grown even more in the last 22, 24 hours, as well as the political benefits for obama. >> well, first of all on the significance of the raid, you know, it's very interesting.
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the cia and the defense department yesterday put out that video that we've been playing in the course of the last 24 hours here on msnbc in part to some of demon thol jazz and to demonstrate to the world it was, in fact, osama bin laden who was killed in the daring raid that happened a week ago today. on the other hand the white house and the administration, the defense department and the central intelligence agency really not releasing much mrp than that, being tight-lipped about what they're learning from that intelligence, that massive cache of materials that were taken from that compound by those americans, those navy s.e.a.l.s who conducted the raid. the white house has been very careful not to overplay their hand, not to be seen as exploiting this, even as the president has made a number of appearances, a number of comment over the past week, alluding to osama bin laden's killing and raid on the compound.
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they're allegedly letting it speak for itself and it's speaking very loudly. whereas the president was well under 50% leading up to this event in terms of approval rating, upside-down as they say in the businesses, disapproval rating higher than the approval rating. it's gone up 10% in the polls. everyone who's watching politics and has watched politics, they're watching it with a grain of salt. you're watching george bush. one poll had him at 91%. 18 months later we know how that turned snut yeah, we sure do. may ski you, mike, how much controversy overen hansed efforts related to the issue? >> well, national security advis adviser donilin on "meet the press" saying there's been hundreds of o tech neeks being used, a broad mosaic. he would not comment on whether
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or not the so-called enhanced techniques which has become the shorthand for the waterboarding involved khalid sheikh mohammed, guantanamo bay, and elsewhere, this has become a cause on the right of course, the president has suspended those techniques. the administration has gone so far as to look into the individuals who conducted those techniques, something that has outraged many people, including dick cheney this morning. >> i'm not going to comment on the specific intelligence except to say the following, that it was gathered through detainees, gathered tech neck lly, gather oefrd time. >> and alex, in case anyone forgets the work of the nation, the president having a down day in washington. he was out for dinner with first
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lady michelle obama last night. but tuesday a big speech in el paso, texas, on the very aggressive issue. >> i was hoping he was having a down day, serving michelle breakfast in bed, taking auto the trash. let's not forget it's mother's day in the white house too. they show a sign of osama bin laden that al qaeda did not want o you to see. in one of them you see the aging terrorist in that dingy room watching videos of himself as a younger man in those tv news reports. another shows him speak i directly to the camera, delivering one of those carefully crafted threats to america, only h this this is ane reel. i'll ask you this question on the heels of my thanks. great reporting. getting in and out and rushing to the camera with great stuff you brought to the table there.
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mike, when we see these new videos, first reaction to all of them, what do you think? >> the first reaction is there's almost this picture of bin laden as a pathetic character. the old man huddled in a blanket, white bearded, watching videos of his glory days in the past. this was clearly designed as i pointed out yesterday to belittle bin laden, to show -- to demythologize. you see the black beard that he uses for the camera. all of this is part of a picture, part of the effort of political spin as it were by the u.s. government to downgrade bin laden in the eyes of possible followers. i've got to say, alex, it's a
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little bit contradictory to the other message they're trying to put out, which is that this was a command and control center in which bin laden was directing attacks on the united states. on the one hand you get this view of him as this, you know, pathetic lonely guy, isolated compound. the other, we're being told he was this master terrorist ordering attacks. now, we haven't seen the details to flush out that second message yet. we geev to be careful and see what more is yielded from this treasure trove. >> yeah. with regard to who takes his place, will there be another figurehead like bin lad snoon as a part and parcel of the effort to belittle bin laden, you also heard yesterday these gra tu us to shots as it were against
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ayman all zawahiri. all he's controlling, a mike roman jer and not charismatic, almost designed to bait al zawahiri, to get him to come out and assert his importance, which might be tactically significant. if they could get al zawahiri to say something, it might get al zawahiri himself. clearly he's the next target. >> there may be something to that. let's face it. al qaeda acknowledges bin laden's death on that website. they don't say anything about a replacement. do you think that it's because they don't know yet and they haven't gone just straight to the number two guy. >> right. i mean that was noted by the briefer yesterday, that while they make this major statement acknowledging bin laden's death,
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nothing about his successor, which does suggest there may be a bit of a power volume or a power struggle going on to take over the remnants of al qaeda. one point i want to make, you know, there's al qaeda central. that's what bin laden was directing. and then there's the al qaeda affiliates and allied groups around the world. that's the real threat right now. those are the ones u.s. intelligence is most wired about. >> all right. thank you so much, michael. >> all right. thank you, alex. for more on the osama bin laden raid and the intelligence gained from it, you can hecht to our website we turn now to the mississippi's river crest which continues rolling south with many bracing for possible flooding. communities in kentucky are feeling relief with the levees holding. however, in memphis, it's quite another story. the crest is expected to reach 48 feet by monday. it's flooded 28 mobile homes so
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far, causing families to flee and others to prepare for the worst. >> the water's been flooding for days now. when we came down off of watkins, we had to turn back around. the trailer park, the al entown trailer, it's complete lid flooded. >> let's go to jay dpra who's still in that water. oh, my gosh. that's a play ground, right? used to be where you are? >> absolutely amazing. i is a playground ta sorry school. take a look at the monta sorry school. it's been pressed into action, the water lapping up against the first level of those sandbags. it's holding. so far there's no water on the other side. the school is protected. but understand this water is going to continue to climb. as we look across to the homes,
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you can see behind me several homes. the first woman, she pulled all of her furniture out. she's pulled it all out. first level of her house is already under water. she believes water's coming into the second level some time today. if you come back across you can see the storng shed and the roof here. you've seen the water level move up on that gradually. we know that the primary gauge that the memphis uses is off a little bit. the water rising more quickly than initially thought. it's at 47-plus right now. going to crest either late tomorrow night or tuesday morning at 48. that's near a record level. it's pushing water into places it hasn't been, really, alex, in more than a century, places like this. this is a playground. not anymore. and a lot of people in this community are curious about what's going to be left when the wat
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water finally does recede. >> that's not going to be a pretty picture. how does the forecast look by the areas that are flooding? let's get a check from the weather channel with alex wallace. good morning, alex. what can we expect? >> here it is in graphical form here. by monday, getting up to ta 48-foot range. again, very, very close to record territory. if terms of historical crests around memphis and the mississippi, 48.7. that's the highest. that was back in the '30s. if we get to 48, that would put it at number two. again, very serious situation taking place. le we aren't seeing any additional rain in and around this general vicinity. that's good news buchl we do have some showers and storms moving northward for us right around southern minnesota and iowa. downpours eventually getting into minneapolis before long. this is basically the thing that would kick the system off toward
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the east. unfortunately it's moving very, very slowly, so it's not going to be moving eastbound very slowly. it's going to o spit out disturbances here in the next cup ochl days. upper midwest and then back down into the ohio valley, at least through our early part of the week into tuesday. more wet weather coming on into parts of the midwest. alex? >> thanks for that. >> by the summer vacation season, we might finally get relief from high gas prices. today the national average for regular is now under $3.98. it had increased over 48 straight days. now it's heading down. analysts say after soaring $4 in some states falling demanltd should push prices lower. some say it might drop by 50 cents as early as june. a surprise winner at the 137th kentucky derby. animal kingdom turned on a burst of speed in the final stretch.
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after a week of solemn observe answer, the president emphasized in his weekly address his focus is still very much on the economy. >> over the long term, the only way we can avoid being held hostage to up thes and downs of oil price is if we reduce our dependence on oil. that means investing in clean alternative sources of energy. i don't want other countries to win the competition for these technologies and these jobs. i want america to win that competition. joining me now is a.b. stoddard. good morning and happy mother's day. >> happy mother's day, alex. >> thank you. the president's taking on immigration reform on tuesday. does osama bin laden's killing, the success for the president now, does that give him power now to conquer other objectives? does it revive some of that hope that existed before? >> i do think the bounce that he's going to see after the death of the killing of the kill
10:20 am
of osama bin laden, i think it will be significant, but i don't think it will last so long. i think it will help him in certain matters of his domestic age agen agenda, but i don't think immigration reform is one of them. this is a very devicive issue. if you remember back -- there was an immigration issue that would have supplied -- that would have allowed a path legalization for kids who were -- came here unknowingly with their parents and that came down. the d.r.e.a.m. act, that was something the president could not push through with the democrats alone. there are 20 up for re-election. they do not want to be voting on immigration measures attet this time. it's obviously something the president wants to do and galvanize in van of his own
10:21 am
re-election campaign, but it's going to be very hard for him to get through the congress. i think the bounce he's generally going to see in his popularity, thing it will help him in his negotiations in the way that americans picture his efforts on the economy, but immigration still very contentious issues. >> yeah, yeah. it's just constant discussion. what did you mean when you wrote this week about the death of bin land as being a triumph unexpected? >> i think that americans have really -- i think obviously republicans and president obama's critics have really hammered him all along for being weak on national security and on the effort to fight terror by trying to close guantanamo bay, his response to the christmas day bomber in december of 2009 where he really allowed the republicans, former vice president dick cheney and others to drive. as you remember, he was vacationing in hawaii and he had
10:22 am
a hesitant response. janet napolitano said the system has worked and then the president said it wu a systemic failure. i think that he allowed his critics to really drive the narrative. what this raid, the very -- this incredibly dramatic and very risky and core rangers decision to go forward with this raid shows is that the president indeed has been working on this all along and even though he has escalate and drawn attacks in pakistan, tripped down his troop and actually been tough of terror, continuing many of the bush terror policies, he hasn't spoken of it many times. it's not something he speaks a lot about to the american people. this is the kind of event that shows him that he actually has not checked out, that he's quietly working on our goals and that something like this is obviously extremely significant and people know o -- i think
10:23 am
it's sort of a reset for him on national security with people who might question him, let's say, independent voters and people who didn't see him as a strong commander in chief. >> let's take a quick look at the economy because no matter how people feel about the taking down of osama bin laden, look at that. more than half of the people in the country disapprove of the way the president's handling the economy. what if anything can he do to change that in the short term? >> as you know, there's very little that the president or the republicans that control the house in the congress can do to create jobs, so what they often do is try to change the subject to what they can do to sort of spur hiring. so republicans talk a lot about extreme like regulations. the president right now is trying to make -- reach out to republicans to try to get some bipartisan cooperation on tax reform because by reforming the tax code, that could help spur hiring and actually find some rev new to address the deficit question. there's not a lot he can do in a
10:24 am
short term. what you're looking at is the long term. le if americans see that in april we saw the highest bump in jobs, job growth rate, monthly job growth rate in five years, if they see that the economy is headed in the right direction, steadily, that is going to help president obama politically. if it turns and we see a different trajectory for the jobs picture, that's going to do his re-election prospects and he knows that. there's not much he can do about gas price. what he needs to do is constantly talk about the economy to show that he cares, but there's not much he can do but hope that it continues in the direction that it's been going in. >> okay, a.b. stoddard. we'll see. last night on "saturday night live", tina fey returned to guest host. she could not resist the temptation of playing sarah palin. >> hi.
10:25 am
it's just so great to be back on fox news network that boast pace me and shows me the questions ahead of time, and i hope that's the night the lame street media twists my words by repeegt them verbatim. first i want to acknowledge this week we finally van kwished one of the world's great villains and i for one am thrilled to say good rid answer to katie couric. but the important thing for people to know is that i'm going to be running for president every four years for the rest of my life. it's my olympics, and i intend to win a whole bunch of silvers. >> well, faye, who will be a mother for the second time soon played nice, reminding all of us to be nice to our mothers today. later, say good-bye to the super mom. check out a new survey by a
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10:33 am
wants to know who helped hide osama bin laden in plain sight. >> i think we've indicated that we will act to protect our interest. with respect to -- i want to put this in perspective. this is important to do this. we've had differences with pakistan. the harboring -- there was some support network in abbottabad, pakistan, with the support of osama bin laden. we have evidence that the government knew about that but they need to investigate that and we need to provide intelligence including access to osama bin laden's three wives whom they have in custody. but it is important to understand score here that we need to act in our national interest. we have had difficulty with pakistan as i said and we have had to work closely with pakistan in our counterterrorism efforts. more have been captured -- >> you didn't trust them enough to share the details of the -- >> that's not a matter of trust or mistrust, it's important to note that. it's a matter of security.
10:34 am
>> "meet the press," that's when you can see the full interview. he also spoke with rudy giuliani, michael cher a tough and general michael hayden. ozzie nelson is the director of the homeland security program. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, alex, for having me on. >> i'm curious as to what your gut check is concerning pakistan and hiding osama bin laden there. >> i don't thinking it's accurate. clearly they had knowledge that bin laden was being harbored inside pakistan. >> okay. and we're hearing this morning about this amazing statistic that the amount of intel gathered could fill a small college library. that's incredible. they're saying it's the cache -- all caches. can you give us an idea who's
10:35 am
examing all this intel right now and what the u.s. will do with it? >> well, the media has been reporting that the fb bi has set up a task force to evaluate this situation. as you said, there's massive amounts. they're going to have to form some sort of triage to determine what sore of information they should approach first. they have to obviously do some translation and they have to get the information appropriately classified and disseminated to the appropriate vanillas inside the government so they can take average on this intelligence. >> right. what about bin laden's wives and children who were taken into custody? we know that pakistan is questioning them right now. the united states has asked to get access to them as well. but we haven't been gimp it thus far. first of all, what do you think they could learn from them? these aren't members of al qaeda. le these are family members. >> the types of information is actually probably going to be limited. i'm sure bin laden to some degree maintained operational security, only shashd tactile operation with other members of
10:36 am
al qaeda. the family members could give consistence of what his daily routines was, perhaps individuals who visited the house. at the end of the day most of the intelligence gather and it will come from the materials taken from the site. >> give me a sense how you think the bottom line will come down in terms of this raid affecting al qaeda, short term and long term. >> this will be a question of what exactly is bin laden's leg sichl he always wanted al qaeda, the base, to be more than just an organization. he wanted to be a move management. the question is will this movement die along with bin laden, or was he successful the last two decades in creating a movement, sufl-sustaining, sufl-sufficient and go beyond his demise. >> thank you so much for joining us. a company in new york has released an online video game, the death of osama bin laden. this game is based on the raid
10:37 am
of the compound in pakistan. the player has five minutes to make its way through and shoot and gather evidence. the player also has the option of defendinging him. a canadian woman is in fair condition after missing in nevada for seven weeks. she was founded on friday in a remote part of northeastern nevada. the couple had taken a wrong turn and their van had taken a long time. she survived on nuts and trail mix. whejt to get help and is still missing. good morning to you, lynn. thanks for joining us. >> oh, you're welcome. >> so what do we know about her ordeal? >> well, rita -- i spoke to her -- to her son, and she was in fairly good spirits, believe it or not. the first thing that she said when she spoke to him by cell phone from -- by phone from the hospital in twin falsls, idaho,
10:38 am
was i'm so, so sorry. she was very apologetic for all the worry she felt she had in flikted upon her family. she was in pretty good spirit bus they're not very hopeful about her husband. he set off on march 22nd with his gps unit. he didn't have shelter or camping gear or anything like that, very snowy conditions, and he hasn't been heard from since. >> i bet the family was shocked that she was found safe and sound after so long, true? >> oh. when i spoke to the son, he was -- he sounded like he was in shock. he was kind of monotone and it was like he was in a dream state. he had found out -- the family was driving to -- they live in a little town just in the vancouver area. well, it's about five hours from vancouver, and they were driving to vancouver. there's a new baby in the family.
10:39 am
and they got this call that their mother had been found and they basically had given up hope. so they drove back home and immediately started making plans to go to idaho. but no one in the family's very hopeful about the dad. >> yeah, well, certainly a wonderful mother's day in that family. can you tell me about the circumstances of the father's departure? i mean was it all just snow? was it woods? i mean what's the terrain like there? >> well, it's a very rocky high desert canyon land. it's about 5,700 feet in elevation. they've had -- it was in the humboldt national forest in northeastern nevada right near the border with idaho. it's kind of near idaho or yemen, nevada. and they've had the snowiest winter that they've hab sid 1979. and the u.s. forest service says
10:40 am
no one goes there in winter. rita was lucky because two people did go in there on an atv and found her, and they had to travel nine miles on the atv to get actual cell service so they could call for help. so it's really a desolate area. she's very, very lucky that she was found. but she did -- she did a lot of things right. she stayed by the van. she kept warm. she kept herself hydrated. there was a lot of snow around there. she melted snow and kept herself hydrated. she didn't have a lot to eat. she lost about 20 or 30 pounds. >> i'll tell you. they're certainly glad to have their mom home this mother's day. lynne terry, thanks so much for the details of this story. we appreciate them. >> you're welcome. the mississippi river continues to rie s ts to rise. we're going to bring you back another story. and another nod.
10:41 am
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a tense situation unfolding right now in tennessee. the mississippi river continues to rise. i is not expected to crest in memphis until sometime tomorrow evening and some homes are already flooded. the weather channel's julie martin is in memphis with the latest. julie. >> reporter: i'm here in memphis's har gore town. behind me a mon assori school. it's actually a park and amply theater here that's under water. in fact, some of that water really deep.
10:45 am
you can see how high the water is up on the tree. and the shed where it's basically all the way up to the rooftop. now, most of the residents here in harbor town are staying put. most of their homes are okay. but throughout memphis, more than a thousand residents have been asked to evacuate. we're told as many as 365 did spend an evening in area shelters. those shelters will remain open as needed as the days wayne on. t the rivers are expected to crest. they'll stay there for a couple of days before a very slow fall. so it's still going to be several days until recovery here and a long time for the people of memphis to deal with the problems this flooding is creating. alex? >> okay, julie martin. thanks for that. taking a look at the week on wall street, a number of big economic reports are due next week, most of them on thursday. the government will tell us how much price of clothing, food and
10:46 am
everything else rose during the month of april. >> what jobs are out there? they tell us about advertised job openings in which businesses are looking to hire. did you pie your mom a gift yet? the average retail person is spending an average of $48 this year which is $14 more than last year for your moms. >> well, this mother's day, one author is advocating that mothers mothers be less perfect. so that's the topic of holly swartz temple and becky gillespo called "good enough is the new perfect." oh, thank god. good morning. >> good morning. >> when you talk about all this, holly, the topic, why did you come upon this and the research that you went through to put it all together? >> it's been four years and
10:47 am
coming that we started researching modern motherhood out of our own experiences. le we were both struggling, wanting to juggle it all. but the motherhood crossroads was difficult. we wanted to research how are other moms finding success. >> i want to say you've got two sons, you've got two daughters, son and you rear right in the thick of things. when you talk about the findings of this study, becky, what surprised you most? >> well, we surveyed 905 working moms from across the country, and we expected them to tell us that the things that were tripping them up the most were things like inflexible employers, husbands who didn't contribute enough at home, financial pressures, and what we found is this constant feeling that they needed to be the best at everything. >> oh, i know. but how do you think, holly, this got started, this pursuit of perfection in an arena where, you know, there's no handbook that tells you exactly how to do it. it's not like you go through a,
10:48 am
b, c, d, e, check, check, check, and get a hundred. >> yeah, but many of us are the free to be you and me generation of girls and you can be anything and many of us took that to mean you can be everything to everyone and that's one of the things we uncovered in our survey. we found a lot of moms fell into the camp of never enough. they wanted to be perfect no matter what. even though the other moms called the good enoughs were having more advantages. the never enoughs were making more money but the good enoughs had every marker of success. they had better marriages, better at taking more time to themselves and they were just as likely to advance. >> it absolutely makes common sense, too, when you put it out there. but, becky, if you have moms right now watching you, what are some recommendations you can give them to say, don't go for perfection, go for good enough. >> well, first of all know that there's a difference between being the best and doing your
10:49 am
best. >> that's a good point. >> yeah. >> and a lot of women who found the montgomery coun success were really adept. it's also important to know when you say good enough, you're not talking about settling or slack off. it's not about stopping short of the finish line, it's having the courage to choose the finish line you want to cross. >> how many times we've said, honey, do your best. we geev tot turn that back on ourselves, whatever the, ises are. great book. great title. we'll rate it once again. "good enough is the new perfect." a new study may hold the promise of a wave of new manufacturing jobs here in america, so see why i it says made in the usa may be making a big-time comeback and it wouldn't be mother's day if we
10:50 am
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u.s. manufacturing may be staging a comeback. that's the finding of a new study by a boston-based consulting firm and if this made for the usa takes hold it could greatly speed up the economic recovery. let's bring back in neil irwin. another good morning to you, neil. what's the main motivation for this? >> what we've seen is a lot of factors that support manufacturing lately. it's been a good manufacturing rekrovry. caterpillar, general electric is doing some things. and what's driving it is you
10:54 am
have the dollars decline relative to other currencies, that makes other manufacturers more competitive, wages. those are all the factors that make the u.s. a better place to do business than a few years ago. how about the cost as to how it compares between the u.s. and china? and is it going to be more cost-effective in the u.s. and thereby reduce all those made in china tags that we see? >> yeah. american workers are still paid a bit more than the chinese workers. that said, there's a lot more on upward wages in china. there's a lot of inflation. there's not an unlimited supply in china. so, you know, we may see some equalization. also the cry sneeze currency has been rising some. so these are all factors that do not make it a slam dunk. >> and the international trade, does that also factor in here. >> yeah, absolutely.
10:55 am
you know, the united states worker is a very efficient worker. yeah, we're paid more, but the truth is our factories run very lean. they run very efficiently. we have very good machines and ways of operating and that does make us competitive on the international marketplace. >> is there some sort of a cachet these days in having products made in the u.s.? is this going do be part of a branding coom pain for these companies? . think we've seen some of that. we've sneen this crisis, this recession, if you can support your home town industry, that's a good thing. we receive that in the auto companies that have had a rough few years. i think that's something we'll see more of. >> okay. neil irwin, many thanks for joining us on a sunday morning, though it is a usual thing for you. still the latest, the analysis of the osama bin laden home videos. why did they show some of them and what about the other evidence taken from the compound. you're watching sun sup on this mother's day, and we'll be right back. hey susie, why don't you use this ?
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next on "msnbc sunday," it's the video u.s. hopes will change the opinion about osama bin laden. it's the mississippi over its banks, and it has some people out of their homes. >> andite e a fatal family affair. a neo-nazi leader gunned down by his 10-year-old son and his defense may surprise you. welcome to "msnbc sunday." a happy mother's day to all of you out there. it is becoming clear this morning that the daring navy s.e.a.l.s didn't just take out public enemy number one when they raided osama bin laden's come pound. they also struck gold when it comes to gathered until. u.s. officials say they have so much info from that raid it could fill a small college library. >> the scale of what we've got here. this is the largest cache of intelligence derived from the scene of any single


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